Duumu Interview: New MYRNE Remix, Friendship & Cheat Meals

With Duumu, we expect an ambient, chilled and emotional masterpiece, establishing himself as more than competent with moving chord progressions, intricate textures & soundscapes, and atmospheric plucks and keys. His new remix of fellow Monstercat artist MYRNE is a whole different story, turning towards the trap side of his palette but daring to disagree with EDM stereotypes

Stream the Duumu remix of MYRNE - Another Night (feat. Nevve) now:

Scattered with the signature atmospheric breakdowns and spacey intros of the Duumu we know and love, this high-key remix takes the sonic of Duumu and completely turns it onto a new side and establishes a whole new creative direction. Smooth pads, ambient guitars and angelic vox compliment the punchy vocals of EDM powerhouse Nevve in the ambient intro, bringing us gently into the major slapper of a chorus. Somehow managing to bring his characteristic spacey pluck in as a lead melody, complimented by huge brass stabs and the signature layers of drums, percussion, cymbals & fills, pulled together by fluid synths and arpeggios. In the post-chorus, we are struck by the nostalgic and tear-jerking, detuned rhodes progression, courtesy of the only man who can slap a sad key solo in the middle of a trap banger and get away with it. The metallic layers of the ever hard-hitting second chorus bring us back into yet again a slap-in-the-face of an ambient stringed outro. Duumu manages to transition naturally from dreamy soundscapes littered with emotional progressions and airy plucks, into an intense chorus, still encompassing the ethereal sonic character introduced throughout the ambient breakdowns, daring to disagree with typical stereotypes of 'trap music' and venturing to stand out from such a saturated music scene

Duumu shows us that his incredible talent is not limited to ambient, soundtrack-esque, emotional compositions, and gives us just a small hint of what is to come with the Duumu project in the future, with a new creative direction and under new management - among the likes of MYRNE himself - we are sure to expect Duumu to be a name we see often


We spoke to Duumu about his project, and asked him about Movies, TV and Cheat meals:

• What are your motives behind the project and where do you want to take it in the future?

My goal with Duumu is just to have fun making music I like hearing and sharing it with people around me. I’ve got a lot of big plans for the rest of 2018, most of which I can’t discuss publicly but expect some shows soon among many other things!

• What makes Duumu special to you?

Before I was Duumu I produced under a lot of names. I won’t go into any details but roughly a year before the launch of Duumu some stuff happened that made me quit my previous alias and made me lose a lot of confidence in myself both as a person and as a musician. Duumu was me sort of putting my foot down and saying ‘I am who I am’ that’s why I’ve stuck with it this long.

• What have you learned from the project and past ones? If you could go back to the start would you do anything different?

Making friends and developing genuine and personal relationships with other people in the music world is incredibly important, and not in a scummy ‘I want to use you’ kind of way but because after all we’re a community and helping each other out is important, so might as well all be friends. Also, consistency is important and if I could start over I’d apply that principle a lot better hahaha

• What drives you to write tracks and what/who do you pull inspiration from?

I write and produce music because I love doing it. For my bigger tracks like this one I have the mindset of writing something that’s catchy but creative and challenging for myself, I want people to have a good time listening to it!

• Is there one artist you really look up to?

My answer a few months ago would have been different but I have to say MYRNE. Ever since I started working closer alongside him in recent weeks my respect for him has only grown. He is one of the most genuine and nice people I’ve met despite his size and popularity, that’s hard to find.

• Do you have a typical writing process or does it vary from track to track?

Obviously it varies from track to track but the main two ways I start a track are getting an idea in my head and getting it down as accurately as I can then fleshing it out to make a full track, or hearing a song I like and start ripping it off, then let it evolve into my own thing!

• What inspired you for this new track? Is there anything you want it to reflect or is it just a banger?

Mostly it’s just a banger ;)
But I suppose it follows a philosophy I try to follow with my music that is to mix beautiful with hard-hitting. A full spectrum of emotions from serenity and calm to excitement.

• Where do you want this new creative direction to take your project?

Hopefully, it’ll allow me to keep making interesting/creative music that I find exciting while having it be accessible so as to bridge Pop and EDM and reach as many people as I can! On top of this it enables me to make music that is both melodic and hard hitting which is perfect.


• What do you do with your free time (when you get some)?

When I’m not working on music or uni I’m usually just watching Netflix or YouTube or talking to/hanging out with my friends or my girlfriend. I don’t play video games that often but I guess you can throw that in there too

• Best concert you’ve ever been to?

Tennyson. May 2017, they played in a small ass venue in Paris. I went with Andy (Stereo Cube) and some other friends, we got to hang out with Tess and Luke after the show and even though the venue was pretty awful to them, it was one of the most engaging performances I’ve seen.

• Best movie you’ve ever seen?

Too hard for me to answer that, I’m a huge cinema nerd. But some contenders would be Blade Runner (both original and 2049), Dunkirk, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. There are so many others but those 3 pop into my head as being really exceptional.

• Best song you’ve ever heard?

Also too hard to answer!! But the one thing that pops into my head is Bon Iver’s 22, A Million album. I know you said track, but that album as a whole is absolutely incredible.

• If you could only watch one show on loop for the rest of your life what would it be?

Parks & Rec or Friends

• What’s your go to cheat meal?

There’s far worse but I’d have to say Tonkatsu.


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