UK based Sonn releases heartfelt single 'Choke' & talks about his new project

London, UK based Sonn, formerly AKAY, is known for his smooth vibes and emotion-driving chords, but his newest release, the first of his new project, takes it to another level. We get to ask him some quickfire questions about the track and about his new project

Stream the track here:

The heartfelt chords on crackling detuned piano keys combined with the angelic choir layers bring us into this easy-flowing piece. Built around the incredible songwriting and melodic structures, the main riff introduces a smooth groove with delicate percussion complimenting the pumping keys, with perfect ambient vox and layers of warm sub bass. The combination of all the various melodic and percussive elements create a web of a perfectly integrated beat, creating and building upon the layers makes such an emotional tugging output, striking home with us with a perfect blend of tear-jerking melodies and more upbeat pumping synths, managing to move us while feeling an optimism for life at the same time.

Building on his already incredible repertoire of talents and capabilities with a range of styles in releases, from the beautiful downtempo take on Billie Eilsih to the club-orientated AJ Tracey version, Sonn proves he has an advanced artistic direction for the project, only a sign of what is to come. 


We asked Sonn some quickfire questions about this track and also about his project:

- What were your inspirations and ideas behind the track?

The whole purpose of writing the track was to express how I've been feeling lately, I've been short of inspiration recently and this is the result of this.

- Why Choke?

I've been feeling "choked" with the type of music I've been making

- What are you motives behind the track?

I wanted to create something laidback yet emotive, I feel this is a good transition into the new direction I want to go in

- How did the writing process begin?

I began with the chord progression

- What are your goals for the Sonn project?

From the start I've always wanted to make music that people can relate to and make them feel something, I also want to sing on my songs

- Who/what are some of your biggest inspirations behind the project and your music?

Way too many but, EYUKALIPTUS, ford, rex orange county to name a few

- Do you have anything cool coming up?

Got a few more releases lined up, and then trying to play more shows!


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