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‘I worked on the EP for about a year, working my way through while learning new styles of music and experimenting with different genre. I had been confused in life but while working on the tracks, I realised that music is what I’m best at and I finally decided to pursue it. Both tracks were inspired during sad times or when I was angry, but when I listen now I understand that phase was important, and made me realise my sound’

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"So I’m bringing an end to the dunes project with this single featuring my good friend Paige. I started this track about a year ago and I’ve always resonated with it for some reason. Since then i feel my creative direction and sonic has changed so much that it was time to leave Dunes behind and get started on a new chapter in my life, leading to my new project, Know You


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“A couple months ago I came up with the concept of this track, and quickly mocked up the instrumental, and eventually linked up with the amazingly talented Anna. From there, the barebones tracks came together so quickly. Musically, I was inspired a lot by really bright pop I grew up with, but wanted to give it my own personal spin. Lyrically, Anna and I both really resonated with the idea of feeling trapped as a young person in this world, and not particularly knowing what to do or where to go.”

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“Over the past six months, I’ve been inspired by many different sounds and styles. This EP is a compilation of songs I created while taking inspiration from artists like Grey, styles like Future House and amazing soundtracks form my favourite games and TV shows. I try to be as diverse as I can when I make music, and I think this EP encompasses that well. Like a palette of colours, I hope these songs create a vibrant painting of what had inspired me lately.”

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